REAL Open Source Website Builder

Enter the next level with REALS open source  website builder for WordPress that comes with a drag and drop WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Editor, and will make website creation a mind blowing easy experience. Beyond that you get an affordable Hosting packet (starts by $6 per year) which will work out of the box with 1 click WordPress installation.


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With REAL you get it all, WordPress, drag & drop, WYSIWYG, Open Source, GUI for CSS and jQuery, check it out.
REAL comes with a fully Hosting Packet  additional mysql databases, FTP, VPS (optional) and much more.
With REALS, you will deliver your page visitors lightening fast pages. Click here to check page performance.
  • Website Hosting starts with 0,5 $
  • VPS strats with 1$

Create any Theme you can Imagine

Create in less than 15 minutes any WordPress theme you can imagine, just by drag and drop and without writing a single line of code

Wow, explaining to my designer what I want takes much longer, than doing it by myself with this tool, besides that it makes it really fun because it is easy and very intuitive - thank you a lot for this technology. . 
Justin Bradford / NYC
This is incredible, after 10 minutes I was able to manage every aspect of my wordpress theme exactly the way I want it.
Kerstin Schmidt / Bonn



Create expressive, meaningfull Content

Use latest WYSIWYG (What you see is What you Get) drag and drop technologies to make your page outstanding by this you increase the readability of your content and this is what keeps Visitors longer on the page.


Amazing, it works just the way I think, or am I thinking the way it works? How ever, it works without thinking, very easy, very cool …. 
Klaus Schulze Berlin
That’s the way how software should be. 
 Francois Bordeaux



Work with Sophisticated Webdesign Tools

Use REALS sophisticated tools to spice your content in a most professional way. The good news is that there is nothing to learn, because all tools follow the same logic.


It was really as they said, once I get it to make one of these tools work, I get them all, while each tool does a different job - great! .  Karl Schweizer / Chicago


Create Better Contacts

Create powerful php contact forms on the fly by using REALS drag and drop technology. Boost your overall marketing success with REALS built in marketing tools.


We doubled leads production and reduced marketing budget more than 25% at the same time by using the built in marketing tools.
Henry Burger / LA


Magic Box -jQuery Builder

Create complex jQuery applications like Tabs, Accordions, Overlays, Sliders or a Full Page Slider just by drag and drop and without writing a single line of code. Sound too good to be true? Well just checkout the Video below to see how that works.

Well, I wouldn’t call it “magic” but the approach is indeed very clever, because since I break my content with Magic Box into little pieces, users stay 3 times longer on the page. 
Rubén González/ Madrid


Create astonishing Animations

With REALS built in tweening engine, we give advertisers a key technology to explore a gold mine, because it focuses consumers attention and increase the ROI times3. For web designers this is a money making machine because clients will pay you what ever you ask for.

Well, it is not flash, I still can’t believe it … how ever, my clients pay me a fortune for creating animated Landingpages, which even work in mobile.  
Anonymous / Webdesigner


Enhance your Content with Dynamic Sidebar

REAL Dynamic Sidebar for WordPress is an easy to use, highly customizable WordPress plugin to organise your your content in a most flexible way.

This is a very German innovation, to create “Ordnung” … but well it works. . 
Pete Best / Liverpool 


Faster Page Load 

Deliver lightening fast page loading to your visitors due to preinstalled W3C plugin, right out of the box, due REALS 1 click WordPress installation.

The pre installation of W3C alone is worth the whole package as I couldn't make it on my own and the producer was asking between $150-$450 ;
Luigi Gomera / Rom


Advanced CSS Management

This is it where it all comes together because your page CSS is the backbone of your website. With REALS CSS GUI (Graphical User Interface) you can handle that now like a professional, and without writing a single line of code.

Borders, modern -moz shadows, gradient colors, Fonts style, what ever you require, what ever you can imagine, REAL has it and the best of it, it is easy, once you start it, you will understand it right away. ;
 Peter White / Boston


Load Open Source into your Page

Regardless if you need a CSS snippet or a complex php / mysql application in your page, with REALS Open Source API you will stay on top of latest the technologies. And yes, it works as well in WordPress (no special plugin needed) and certainly, you still can use drag and drop to place it where ever you want - just try it.

I had my doubts when I first read about this, I thought who needs that? WordPress is already open source and there are 25.000 Plugins… But well, I need it, almost every day . 
Peter Alexander / San Francisco


Mission Statement for Professional 

There is no client request that you can not operate by using REAL, besides this, you will work 10 times faster than ever before. Beyond this you can create powerful, animated Landingpages (Clients pay a fortune for this), Blogs, SEO optimised pages and much more. Just try it, we are sure you will be very pleased by the result.

We lowered prices 30%, increase productivity 200% and tripled our profit margin since we use REAL. Beyond that, we need no software licenses, updates, installations or anything else.
Web Design Studio Cologne / Germany


Mission Statement for Consumers

Bring your web design to the next level or become maybe even a professional webdesigner by learning technologies within a couple of days instead of years. To support you in such an ambitious target we have provided you with exceptional software plus an eBook and 400 Videos to get you into it.

This works in a completely different way because by using REAL, I learned more in one weekend that I learned the last 2 years spent in web design school
Tim / Munich


What is jb

The jb-websiteBuilder abbreviated jb stands for just better and is software to create web pages, faster, better and thus cheaper.

What is REAl

REAL is a WordPress plugin with what users can load webpages, which were before created with jb, into WordPress.

What is makes jb special

With jb users have most comprehensive software. Especially for web designers and professionals this is very valuable, because it allows them to serve any imageable client request.

What imakes REAl special

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Full Hosting Services

Unlike other Website Builders the REAL WordPress website builder comes with a fully hosting packet which includes a hosting panel (Plesk) with FTP access, additional mysql databases and much more.

Money Back Guarantee

OK, here we are. You need a better website or even a new page? You like what you see … so let us help you to get it and test it, to see if it will work for you. To make it risk free we give you a 30 day money back guarantee, no questions will be asked.


You run already a Hosting Company or you are a Webdesigner and looking for additional revenue streams? Here is what we can offer you as a reseller.

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Get a free website Builder for 6 month plus free hosting packet 12 month and save up to $120. Just click on the price badge below, select you hosting plan (they all include at least with 1 REAL licence) and start your web project today.

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