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REAL Sidebar plugin

Posted by admin on Apr 10th, 2015 in REAL Sidebar

The REAL Sidebar pluginCreate sidebarsAdd content to the sidebarAssign sidebars to pages/postsCustomize sidebars[do_widget "jQuery Accordion Menu"] Was this helpful? The REAL Sidebar plugin allows you to create your own custom sidebars, configure them by customizing size, position, appearance,  add custom content and link your sidebars to posts or pages  in just few clicks. Open WordPress backend, then click Website Builder→REAL SidebarClick the Create new button You can manage the sidebar by customizing its name, width, height, position and even set an...

Dynamic WordPress-Sidebar

Posted by admin on Jul 26th, 2014 in REAL Sidebar

General InformationDynamicPublishExtruderPositionStyleCodingREAL Dynamic Sidebar (RDS) for Wordpress is an easy to use, highly customizable WordPress plugin to manage your page content in a user friendly SEO bullet proved way. RDS will be a big help to keep Visitors longer on the page and gain a better page ranking in the SERP.You can create dynamically as many Sidebars as you want with REAL Dynamic WordPress Sidebar plugin. By doing this you will sharpen your page message by placing different content in...