Let’s next customize the CSS Style for the contact form submit button to our preferences.
  • Using the Global Settings you can define values such as Height / Width, CSS values such Round Corners, Borders, and Shadow as well as font size. These settings are then binding for all buttons on the form.
  • The fields under the Submit header allow us to define the color of the submit button (Color 1 and 2), the Font Color and the Label (for example “Submit”).
Tab Title
Sub Category

Global Settings Height 30
  Width 120
  Round Corner 12
  Border 2
  Border Color #fffff
  Shadow No
  Font Size 20
Submit Color 1 #c7b7c7
  Color 2 #f2d7f2
  Font Color #000000
  Label Send Out

The result looks as follows:

Title Before
Title After

Below, for your review, all changes made so far:

Title Before
Title After