The Mail section

Add email accountManage email accounts
The second section in the cPanel user interface is the Mail section. There are several icons displayed here, we will talk about the first one, the Email accounts. 
  • To add a new email address, perform the following steps:
    • Enter the email address that you wish to create in the Email text box. If you manage more than one domain, make sure to select the appropriate domain from the menu. 
    • Enter and confirm the new password in the appropriate text boxes. Click Password Generator to generate a strong password. 
    • Enter the quota in the Mailbox Quota text box. 
    • Click Create Account. 
  • The next section of the interface displays a table of email addresses that already exist on the account. You can perform the following actions on these email addresses:

    • Display the amount of disk space that the account uses. 
    • Change a password. 
    • Change a quota limit. 
    • Delete an email address. 
    • Access an account through webmail. 
    • Configure a mail client.