Tweening engine

Basic structureCreate animationsConnect objects with tweensMake tweens work smooth

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Allow us to give you a brief overview of how the Tweening engine is structured
  • On the top you will find the tween-navigation buttons: 
    • List allows you to access existing projects.
    • Add Text – allows you to create a new tween-object. 
    • Add Image -works like Add Text. 
    • Preview – allows you to preview the current tweening application 
    • Save and Save As to save projects. 
  • In the center you will see a big white box – the Stage,
  • On the right hand side is an extruder, labeled Properties. This is divided into two parts:
    • Object – you will need this most of the time. 
    • Stage – using this you can define the height (but not width) of the stage. The width is automatically adjusted to your current website. 
  • On the bottom of the page you find the Timeline.

With the help of the Tweening engine you will be able to create stunning HTML5 animations. To learn how to use the Tweening engine watch the videos below or download the attached pdf
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