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Free Downloads
Find easy to us page layouts, which you can download and customise for expressive content creation. 
  • Click in WordPress backend (left Side) → Posts or Pages → Add New
  •  Set a title in WordPress let’s call it wp-index 
  • Click (right side) Create jb Page
  • Set a title in text field Create Name – let’s say we call page jb-index
  • Scroll the page down and click on Publish (blue button). 
  • By this, you created a jb and a WordPress Post / Page.
This you will find nowhere else, so here the idea. You download predefined content layouts, open them in jb and customise the content (images / texts etc). By that you can even load page layouts into pages and organise content order just by drag and drop. Tasks what requires years of design expertise and hours of work can be manage on a fly in a couple of minutes.
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