Cannot modify size/position of objects

Open tweening engineManage size/position of tweened object

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  • Click on the content object and than on the camera icon, here you will find 2 information:
    • Tween Name (not important) 
    • Object Name (this you have to memorise). 
  • Click Close and after that on the megaphone icon (last one) to open tweening engine in a new tab. 

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  • Find now the Object Name in the timeline (left side) 
  • Click right side on the last tweening object- it will turn orange. 
  • Look now right side / top in the Properties extruder and enter here the values W / Y / X / Y – which you use in the page before by creating content. 
  • Finally we click Save and Preview to check the result.

You try to manage height and position of content or template objects, but your settings does not affect frontend. Basically this is not really a bug, you very likely try to manage size or position of a tweened object, so check out instructions on this page, to see how that works
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