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MagicBox full moviePreparatory workCreating tabsConnecting pages to tabsFinal resultSwitch applicationsOpen magicBox related pagesSet preview imageManaging tabs

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MagicBox full movie

In this Workshop we show you how to handle the magicBox. To get this work we recommend you to follow this step by step. What we gonna to do?
  • We work with Developer (this is new) 
  • We create pages (repetition) 
  • We create a tool (magicBox) 
  • We load pages (best by id, what is repetition) 
  • We use drag and drop and Save pages (repetition) 

 By this, we will get an astonishing result.
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MagicBox is an easy to use interface to create jquery Builder applications like tabs, sliders and so on.To learn how to use the a MagicBox watch the videos below or download the attached pdf