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NotePart 1 you really need - Part 2 is for experts and not easy (but very powerful) 

After you create a Page or Post you have to connect it with the Menu to make it accessible for your page visitors. Follow these steps to make it work: You can have in WordPress as much navigation as you need. In this tutorial we use the REAL Sidebar plugin, you can download it for free. For better understanding of this tutorial you may read as well REAL Sidebar documentation. Basically this here, it is not that easy, but extreme powerful.
Connect posts or pages to a menuAdd second menu to your page

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  • Click left side Appearance → Menus
  • If you want to add a page to the menu you will find it left side in the Pages section
  • Activate the page and click on Add to Menu
  • For Posts, you have to look left side in Categories section and click on Add to Menu. 
  • Once you add a Category to a menu all further posts with the same category will be published. 
  • Finally, you can place the page or category by drag and drop where you need it. By this, you can create of course as well Sub and Sub-Sub menus