Page Contents

I.       Opening the Content Editor
To create page contents such as text, pictures, YouTube videos etc. We have to open the Content -Editor in our jb Account. To do this we proceed as follows:

  1. In the WordPress Backend on the left hand side click on REAL-Plugin and then on Drag and Drop.
  2. Here, there are two options
  3. Clicking on the Create New button allows for a new page to be created.
  4. Clicking on the edit button allows for an existing page to be edited.

II.        The Tool Box
After opening the Content-Editor in jb in the middle of the page a black box, the Properties Editor also known as P-Win, appears. After clicking the Tools button

the Toolbox appears.

  1. At the top you will find a YouTube player.
  2. Below, there are 13 icons / buttons. Each of these represents a tool.
  3. Click on one of the tools to activate it.
  4. Next, you can review a video to learn how the tool works. Should the video be too small you should change to full screen mode.
  5. By clicking Load (bottom right) the selected tool can be activated.
  6. After this, an overlay opens and you can begin using the tool.