Creating the first form field

Let’s begin by creating our first form field:
  • Drag an object from the CF-Toolbox onto the canvas. Next, use drag and drop to determine the form field size and position. It should look like this: Video

  • On the right hand side of the form field there are 3 options: Video

  • Required – check this option if you want to make it mandatory for the user to enter certain information.
    Settings – the options in this section depend on the type of the form field. We will discuss these later in more detail.
    Delete, click on this when you want to remove a form field.

  • Now let’s take a closer look at the settings for text fields. Click on it to see 2 options: Video

    • Label Text - this is the same in all form fields as it is used to define information which appears on the left side of the form, for instance Name.
    • Place Holder - here we write Your Surname
    • After that it looks like this.

Look at this as a first demo on how Form Field settings work. Other fields have other options which we will discuss in more detail in the Contact Form Engine - Field Setting chapter.