Creating a first page.

Now we are ready for a first test. The idea behind all this is to provide you with the new jb-websiteBuilder functionalities, which you can import with a few clicks in your WordPress, by using REAL. Let us show you how it works: 

  • We open tab drag and drop

  • Create free webpage

  • After clicking on the button Create New  an overlay opens. Here, in the Page Name  text field we write "stylishIndex” and click on the button Create. In doing so, we created the first page in jb, which we later want to load into WordPress. 

  • Find free open source website builder

  • After that we can find the new page “stylishIndex” in the list. After clicking on the Edit button on the right side a new browser tab opens

    create amazing web page by drag and drop

    Here we have to use our Login data to access the jb drag and drop Content-Editor

  • Create a Secure Login

  • Next, we have to create content like text, images and so on. However, let us skip that for a moment, we show you later how that works. For now, let’s assume we created a pretty well styled index page like this open-demo-page, which we want now publish in WordPress..