CSS Effects

There are three methods for the use of CSS effects available to you.

  • CSS for beginners
    You can use CSS effects such as shadow or rotator by adjusting the respective settings on the right side of the Text Tool. Our tip: play around with it; you will see how it works.

  • Microsoft Word
    You can copy settings from Microsoft Word and import them in jb (video). We do not recommend this. Here is a video how to better handle this.

  • Creating CSS Text Effects using Code (for Experts)
    You can use every CSS hack such as blur, water mark, mirror etc. by following these steps:

    • In the toolbox open HTML include – this is where you will insert the CSS script. .
    • Open the Text Editor, change to HTML and write / copy for example the following code: <div class="reflect2">Headline</div>
    • Naturally this works as well to integrate buttons, boxes or any other element in the system.
    • Following this, you can use the inserted items as per usual via drag and drop. Font settings such as CSS1-10 are also still supported.
By the way; you do not have to be a genius to use the expert mode as there are plenty of CSS scripts available online which can be used by simply copying & pasting them.