REAL Tools for WordPress WYSIWYG Editor

The REAL WordPress Plugin offers greater functionality and incredible flexibility because it comes with 11 tools plus the Magic Box. Also, all the Tools need only 2 - 3 clicks to work in your page and all the tools work more or less in the same logic, which means once you get it to manage 1 tool you get it to manage all the other tools as well.

Text Editor Tool

to write Text and manage Fonts CSS settings, comes with a text effect tool, pretty cool.

YouTube Tool

load YouTube Videos with just 2 clicks, works 99% the same way as Google maps tool.

Image Editor Tool

to load images; comes with CSS Editor and Image effects.

Contact Form tool

loads a  php form from REAL Online Form builder.

Slider 3D

to create 3 Sliders, pretty cool, to give your template header a special touch.

Google maps Tool

load Google maps with just 2 clicks, works 99% the same way as YouTube tool.

Language Chooser Tool

to connect pages which use different languages.

Image Gallery

to present several images in a Gallery - comes with flash effects, but also works as well without flash as an HTML gallery.

Social Connector Tool

to connect your pages with Facebook, Twitter or any other social network.

Open Source Tools

(3 tools), for loading HTML / CSS, JavaScript and PHP / mysql applications. Very cool, very powerful and yes, that works even in WordPress.

Magic Box

this Is much more than a tool, you may check it out here