We assume that most of you know already what drag and drop is, however if not, it is very easy since there is nothing to learn, so here is a brief demonstration on how it works by using the jb-websiteBuilder and REAL. 
  • Let us start it one more time by Adam and Eve. In WordPress Backend we open the REAL plugin. We create a new page by clicking and call it  drag and drop demo. As next we click on Edit, by this we reach the drag and drop editor.
  • OK, let’s start, we click on tools and create a text object, and don’t spend too much time on the details, we will show you step by step how you can work with the tools to create content object.  
  • And that’s it, because now we can resize the object and place it where ever we want just by dragging and dropping, as you can see in the Video

Drag and Drop for WordPress

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