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What is the REAL WordPress Plugin?

REAL is a WordPress Plugin, that turns your WordPress Blog into a sophisticated drag and drop website builder. Check out the Video below to get a first impression as to how it works.

WordPress Content Structured

WordPress is initially built as blogging software, but you can also create great Webpages with it. Never the less, basically WordPress structured the content by nature rather than in a vertical order; this means one blog takes place under the next. With REAL drag and drop you can now also manage your content in a horizontal approach. This opens doors for completely new design concepts, which increases readability and holds page visitors attention due to better content appearance.

Drag and Drop WordPress Plugin

REAL is a WordPress plugin what provides you a WYSIWYG surface to manage size and positions of objects (like text / images / YouTube etc.) in a very intuitive way just by drag and drop.

Advantage WYSIWYG

There are some other so called drag and drop WordPress website builders but not one of them offers you a WYSIWYG Editor. The main advantage of WYSIWYG is that is works 20 times faster, because you don’t need to save the page and publish it in a browser to test it. You can instead create great looking results in (almost) one shot.

What is a WYSIWYG

REAL is based on the jb-websiteBuilder and comes with a WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET (WYSIWYG) editor. With this we give you a very powerful tool to turn your imagination right away into a webpage, without writing a single line of code.
Drag and drop wordpress plugin


Load tools like text, image, YouTube, Google Maps but even Magic Box or open source over the toolbox in your page.

Drag and Drop

Resize Objects and place them where ever you want within your page. Just try it, you will see there is nothing to learn.

Property Window

This is actually a killer application, because it gives you total control to resize or place objects absolute exactly based on pixels.

REAL Tools for WordPress WYSIWYG Editor

The REAL WordPress Plugin offers greater functionality and incredible flexibility because it comes with 11 tools plus the Magic Box. Also, all the Tools need only 2 - 3 clicks to work in your page and all the tools work more or less in the same logic, which means once you get it to manage 1 tool you get it to manage all the other tools as well.

Text Editor Tool

to write Text and manage Fonts CSS settings, comes with a text effect tool, pretty cool.

YouTube Tool

load YouTube Videos with just 2 clicks, works 99% the same way as Google maps tool.

Image Editor Tool

to load images; comes with CSS Editor and Image effects.

Contact Form tool

loads a  php form from REAL Online Form builder.

Slider 3D

to create 3 Sliders, pretty cool, to give your template header a special touch.

Google maps Tool

load Google maps with just 2 clicks, works 99% the same way as YouTube tool.

Language Chooser Tool

to connect pages which use different languages.

Image Gallery

to present several images in a Gallery - comes with flash effects, but also works as well without flash as an HTML gallery.

Social Connector Tool

to connect your pages with Facebook, Twitter or any other social network.

Open Source Tools

(3 tools), for loading HTML / CSS, JavaScript and PHP / mysql applications. Very cool, very powerful and yes, that works even in WordPress.

Magic Box

this Is much more than a tool, you may check it out here

REAL WordPress Plugin in Summary

What we showed you so far is actually a fraction of what you can do by using REAL in combination with the jb-websiteBuilder. Please check out the list below when you want more or go to next Tab Pricing, because the best we keep for last.
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What is the right Tool for you?

So what is the best tool for you? Well, if you want to make a Website in a minute (small content) and you are rather technically handicapped, than Wix (the market leader) may have the right solution for you. If you need more (i.e. access to 25 K Plugins) and big content (Because SEO, Content = King) you should maybe consider a WordPress based solution like Page Lines. If you want everything (WYSIG & great design + WordPress), you should try the free REAL WordPress Plugin to see if that could work for you. Besides that all 3 Offers are great, because they are basically for free, because they include a free Hosting Package.
  • Wix*

  • 4$-19$

  • Page Lines

  • 8-24$

  • REAL

  • 10$

*Notes about REAL WordPress Plugin

Wix prices are a bit higher, because they start from 4,08 $ up to 19,90 $ We have rounded the price display, to keep enough space for the other providers. 

One more thing - REAL was not made to be everybody’s darling, it is rather a special solution for some special people. For some of you, we provide a unique tool, with some killer applications – for which we expect that REAL is for most people maybe a bit too challenging.