Email Chain Select

Functions similarly to the URL Chain Select while allowing different e-mail addresses to be stored. Example:
Let us assume that 90% of the emails received by your website are directed at the marketing and support departments.  Using Email Chain Select you are able to optimize the communication as follows:
  • Click on first level and write:

    • In the text field New Option Marketing.
    • Click on the green plus sign – marketing now appears in your list.
    • Click on marketing and under Email define an email address – for example [email protected]

  • Repeat the steps 1 a through c in order to create the category Support.
  • Click on, for example, marketing if you want to create sub-categories.
  • To change the name proceed as follows:

    • Click on the category which is supposed to be changed.
    • Using the Rename option change the name.

  • Click on the red X to delete a category.