Form Fields

  • Using Background Color the background color of the text field can be defined using a black / gray gradient color in this example.
  • Using Textfield Settings the height of the text field as well as CSS settings such as Round Corner can be defined. Using Text Color allows you to define the font color which the user will see while making entries in the form.
  • The Check Box & Radiobutton values allow the fill colors of these to be defined. For this, we rely on predefined colors as these are based on images and not on CSS colors. While this method does not entirely conform to system standards it looks fresh and modern.
Tab Title
Sub Category

Background  Color Color 1 #1a181a
  Color 2 #574e57
Textfield Setting Textfield Height 30
  Font Color #afb7cc
  Round Corner 7
Check Box & Rad.   Gelb

Here are the results:

Form fields  Before
Form fields  After

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