Freez Drag and Drop (FDD)

VI.  Save - the FDD Function and Save As
  1. Using Saveyou can save objects.
  2. Using FDD you can prevent the drag and drop function which can be very sensible at times.
  3. Using "Save as" you can save a page under a new name which is very effective and can save a lot of time if, for example, a page layout is to be used multiple times and only text / images or other content is to be different. In these situations it is very likely that you will want to activate the FDD function in order to prevent unintentional changes to the position of objects.

Make Video

By the way, the design of a page layout can be handled even more effectively through the use of the MagicBox. As an example of this feel free to take a look at our docs pages which all use the same page layout. We will show you later in the MagicBox Chapter how it works.