HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP Include

Generally speaking this is extremely cool as it enables you to load PayPal, AdSense, Adwords or other tools in jb and using REAL into WordPress. All you have to do is copy and paste a few code fragments here. Naturally you can also use the code of your own applications. We would gladly provide you with a hosting package including MySQL databases free of charge to allow you to use your own php and MySQL applications. However, please be sure to read the following warning: 

  • By itself jb already uses a lot of JavaScript. Consequently, we recommend the following procedure:
    • First, open an empty page in order to test your application.
    • Enter your code in order to see if there are any conflicts.
    • Only after this should you integrate your code in production pages.

  • When connecting JavaScript with HTML the general rule is to first integrate the HTML code followed by the JavaScript code. This could however (in special cases) be the other way around too.