Basic Structure

Allow us to give you a brief overview of how Tweening engine is structured - Video:
  • On the top you will find the tween-navigation buttons:
    • List allows you to access existing projects.
    • Add Text – allows you to create a new tween-object.
    • Add Image -works like Add Text.
    • Preview allows you to preview the current tweening application
    • Save and Save As to save projects.

  • In the center you will see a big white box – the Stage,

  • On the right hand side is an extruder, labeled Properties. This is divided into two parts:
    • Object – you will need this most of the time.
    • Stage – using this you can define the height (but not width) of the stage. The width is automatically adjusted to your current website.

  • On the bottom of the page you find the Timeline.