Hyperlink Style Settings

  • In the Fonts Manager click on Hyperlink (top left).

  • The Hyperlink Editor window will open up.

  • Using the Hyperlink Editor you can edit the following settings:
    • In the first field Link color you can determine the color of the hyperlink. This is the color that visitors to your page will see as long as they have not opened the target page (referenced by the link).
    • Using the Link text-decoration menu you can determine if the link is shown underlined (yes) or not (no).
    • Visit color is the color used to show the visitor that he has already visited the page referenced by the link.
    • Hover-color denotes the color which the user sees when he moves the mouse cursor over the link.
  • When you are happy with your settings click Save.
For hyperlinks neither a font size or font type is selected as they adapt to the currently used font style. Thus, only specific colors and decoration options (underlining) can be managed. It is also possible that you need more than one hyperlink color. More information concerning this is available in the Tools ➙ Text Tool section.