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In practice, a trusted reference compiler can serve as a de facto language definition. That is, a programming language is, in effect, defined by what a compiler chooses to accept and how it chooses to translate language constructs. In fact, the operational and natural semantic approaches introduced previously take this view. A standard interpreter is defined for a language, and the meaning of a program is precisely whatever the interpreter says. An early (and very elegant) example of an operational definition is the seminal Lisp interpreter [McC60].

Source language commands control details like spacing, font choice, point size, and special symbols. 4, suggest the kind of processing that might occur in each compiler phase if TeX or LaTeX input was being translated. An alternative to “programming” documents is to use a sophisticated editor such as that provided in Microsoft R Word or Adobe R FrameMaker R to interactively enter and edit the document. ) This approach to document preparation is called WYSIWYG—what you see is what you get—because the exact form of the document is always visible.

Instead, addresses are assigned relative either to the beginning of the module or to some symbolically named locations. The latter alternative makes it easy to group together code sequences or data areas. A linkage step is required to incorporate any support libraries as well as other separately compiled routines referenced from within a compiled program. The result is an absolute binary format that is executable. Both relocatable binary and assembly language formats allow modular compilation: the decomposition of a large program into separately compiled pieces.

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