4-Regular Vertex-Transitive Tilings of E^3 by Friedrichs O.D., Huson D.H. PDF

By Friedrichs O.D., Huson D.H.

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151) see the whole as a cyclic poem, like ‘The Mental Traveller’, which would build the concept of repetition into this sense of night, but it seems there are different narratives, one, and more than one, poem. In the draft, line 8 ‘sulk’ – aggression biding its time, as with ‘A Poison Tree’ – is also ‘suck’. 5. ]’. ‘Grew’ appears in line 16, while line 14 suggests a tree spreading all over the ground like the upas. 11 The passage shows rage as powerless, as ‘A Poison Tree’ represses anger in favour of wiles.

5. 89–90) appears in ‘I am set to light the ground’ (E. 16, K. 112), and pairs with the beetle, enabling a gentle pun on ‘beadle’, like the beadles of ‘Holy Thursday’ (Songs of Innocence E. 13, K. 121); The ‘dream’ ‘weaves a shade’ like a text, like a Blakean poem; it alters the speaker’s mood and changes the situation. But in ‘The Angel’, the spontaneous tear which evokes help is replaced by an attitude that fears the self; a melancholic response echoed by the melancholia of these grey hairs. Death Associations pluralize, making each lyric, fragmented or not, part of a larger text, neither whole nor singular, which cannot be accessed.

The death of the father – weeping, binding (twice over) and cursing as though anticipating this – ends the narrative as single, and Oedipally constructed, but the death of the patriarchy ends the self constituted by the patriarchal structure. ‘In the Silent of the Night’ 29 Strains of ‘Infant Sorrow’ and of ‘A Poison Tree’ appear in Songs of Experience: ‘The Angel’: I Dreamt a Dream! what can it mean? And that I was a maiden Queen: Guarded by an Angel mild: Witless woe, was ne’er beguil’d! And I wept both night and day And he wip’d my tears away And I wept both day and night And hid from him my hearts delight So he took his wings and fled: Then the morn blush’d rosy red: I dried my tears & armed my fears, With ten thousand shields and spears.

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4-Regular Vertex-Transitive Tilings of E^3 by Friedrichs O.D., Huson D.H.

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