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The book of this absolutely up to date variation of A Dictionary of Genetics coincides with the hundredth anniversary of the creation of the time period genetics via William Bateson in 1906 on the 3rd overseas convention on Genetics. considering then genetics has made super advances in wisdom and approach and now occupies a pivotal place within the lifestyles sciences because the strongest skill for probing primary questions in telephone biology, improvement, and evolution. The selection of sequences of whole genomes, the research of gene expression and genetic version on an international scale, and the power to speedily enlarge gene sequences and to accomplish specific gene disruptions are only a few examples of significant achievements during this box. Proliferation of latest phrases unavoidably accompanies such outstanding growth. This re-creation of the Dictionary addresses the wishes of scholars, educators, and scientific geneticists for an authoritative and up to date reference paintings that not just defines the newest phrases, yet as a rule, additionally offers vital ancillary encyclopedic info. A Dictionary of Genetics is exclusive in that it contains phrases from a variety of disciplines which now intertwine with genetics, together with molecular biology, mobile biology, drugs, botany, and evolutionary stories. Its 7,000 cross-referenced definitions are supported via a great number of line drawings, tables, and chemical formulae. One-fifth of the Dictionary is dedicated to 6 appendices to which the definitions are cross-referenced and which comprise a unprecedented trove of supplementary details. This contains a chronology of vital advances spanning the years 1590 to 2005, lists of necessary websites and periodicals, a class of residing organisms into an evolutionary hierarchy, and a pattern desk of genome sizes and gene numbers. those beneficial properties make A Dictionary of Genetics a lexicon exceptional within the box. For the 1st time, the Dictionary is out there on Oxford Reference on-line (ORO): top rate assortment!

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The lack of an expected immune response. aneucentric referring to an aberration generating a chromosome with more than one centromere. aneuploidy the condition in which the chromosome number of the cells of an individual is not an exact multiple of the typical haploid set for that species. The nomenclature employs the suffix somic, as the following examples illustrate. ) are examples of a human trisomic and monosomic, respectively. Nullisomics result from the loss (2N − 2) and tetrasomics from the gain (2N + 2) of a chromosome pair.

These natural asRNAs silence genes at the transcriptional, post-transcriptional, or translational level. ) into cells or embryos. This is a powerful means of creating loss of function mutations in distinct genes. See Morpholinos, RNA interference (RNAi), strand terminologies. antisense strand antiserum See strand terminologies. a serum containing antibodies. apomorphic antisigma factor a protein that is synthesized during infection of E. coli by T4 phage and prevents recognition of initiation sites by the sigma factor of RNA polymerase.

The only normal animal cells that are designed to survive without attachment and spreading are cells that circulate in the blood. Some tumor cells acquire this ability to be anchorage-independent and leave their original tissue sites to form metastases. See microcarriers, suspension culture. Anderson disease See Fabry disease. androdioecy a sexual dimorphism in plants having bisexual and separate male individuals. androecious flowers. referring to plants having only male androecium flower. the aggregate of the stamens in a androgen any compound with male sex hormone activity.

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