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A weak co-flow is usually introduced in the simulations of turbulent free jets (see for example Le-Ribault et al. (1999); Stanley et al. (2002)), in order to feed in the fluid to be entrained. These authors reported that there are no effects on the jet dynamics if the lateral boundaries were placed sufficiently far away and the co-flow is small. 1) to check the influence of the co-flow velocity on the results. Figs. 2 and x/R = 2 for the three cases. 2. Time-averaged results and model validation in the profiles of mean axial velocity, Figs.

Large-scale coherent structures rotating at a constant rate around the symmetry axis are identified in the flow. Furthermore, the connection between the motion of the structures and the power spectral density of velocity fluctuations is explored. 1 Experimental configuration The configuration considered in the present chapter was investigated experimentally by Hillemanns (1988) at the University of Karlsruhe. New measurements of the same configuration have been performed recently by B u¨ chner & Petsch (2004) as a validation of a new test bench.

Tre, tangential velocity, uθ /Ub . Right, radial velocity, urms r which are shown in Fig. 8. As the graph shows, the differences are insignificant. It is important to note for the subsequent discussion that the simulation with the coarse grid is cheaper than the simulation with the fine grid. This results from the smaller number of operations required by fewer grid points but also from the time step being slightly larger. For example, the time step employed in the simulations with the fine grid is ∆t/tb = 10−3 while it is ∆t/tb = 2 · 10−3 with the coarse grid.

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