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The most productive passage from the point of view of the present study appears to be the comparison between the two hierarchies of the army and the Church (which he appears to restrict to Protestantism). For Freud, “a democratic force pervades the Church because all are equal before Christ, since all have an equal right to his love” which he qualifies as fatherly. However, “from the point of view of structure the Army distinguishes itself from the Church in that it is made up of a hierarchy of successive formations : each captain, like the commander in chief, is the father of his company, each officer is the father of his division”.

But rather than a branching hierarchy, often derived from his classification of the positive sciences, it seems more appropriate to refer to a pathway model for knowledge. e. sociology – or the study of man – re-uses the ancient model of the “chain of beings”, from the most simple to the most complex, while at the same time attributing the same value of necessity to each component. 4. THE SECOND PART OF THE 19TH CENTURY : SPREAD OR SCATTER? 1 The Durkheim hierarchy: a relational social model One of the most interesting features of Comte’s production for this study of the word hierarchy probably resides in the idea of a statutory equality among positive sciences, at a time when disciplines were becoming institutionalised, an increasing tendency all through the last half of the 19th century.

Hierarchical representations being also useful to organize knowledge, a question arises: to what extent is this representation related to living systems natural organisation (is it a truthful 2. Biological and ecological systems hierarchical organisation 41 model of living world) or is it mainly convenient to organize human knowledge on these systems (because it is efficient to answer questions, to solve problems, such as recognition ones)? 1. ORGANISATION LEVELS AND SCALES: LIVING SYSTEMS HIERARCHIES Today, as mentioned above, we know living systems are structured in a set of successive organisation levels, from genome to large sets of interacting organisms.

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