A Study of the Raman Effect in Acetone by Williams J. W. PDF

By Williams J. W.

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Generally speaking, when observing a program’s computation in a more fine-grained way becomes important, this can be easily done by transforming some equations into rules. For example, one may wish to specify all potentially nonterminating constructs with rules. The most fine-grained way possible is of course to transform all equations (except for structural axioms such as ACI) into rules. These transformations are easy to achieve, since they amount to very simple changes in the specification. In fact, one may wish to use different variants of a language’s specification, with certain semantic definitions specified as equations in one variant and as rules in another, because each variant may provide the best level of abstraction for a different set of purposes.

Moore. Inductive assertions and operational semantics. In Proceedings CHARME 2003, volume 2860, pages 289–303. Springer LNCS, 2003. 53. J. Moore, R. Krug, H. Liu, and G. Porter. Formal models of Java at the JVM level – a survey from the ACL2 perspective. In Proc. Workshop on Formal Techniques for Java Programs, in association with ECOOP 2001, 2002. 54. J. S. Moore. html. 55. P. D. Mosses. Modular structural operational semantics. Manuscript, September 2003, to appear in J. Logic and Algebraic Programming.

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