A Woman of the Iron People by Eleanor Arnason PDF

By Eleanor Arnason

ISBN-10: 0759224161

ISBN-13: 9780759224162

Lixia and the participants of her human team are decided to not disturb the existence on this planet circling the superstar Sigma Draconis which they've got started exploring. however the factions at the mom send soaring above the planet may perhaps create an unintentional chaos for either the lifestyles in the world and the people exploring it. because the anger raises at the send, the floor staff turns into progressively more laid low with the clash and starts to depend on their instincts to maintain the undertaking relocating ahead. unforeseen chance plagues the project as Lixia is decided to extend her wisdom.

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I swam to the middle of the river, turned over and floated. The water was cool. There was hardly any current. Far above me a bird soared across the sky. Ah! After a while I swam to shore. I climbed out and washed my clothes, using a couple of stones—I had learned the technique in California from the aborigines—then hung the clothes on a bush to dry. Yohai joined me, brushing the water out of her fur. We sat together on the riverbank. Her eyes were half-closed, and her fur glistened in the sunlight.

My arms hurt. My shoulders hurt. There was a terrible ache in the small of my back. I tried to remember how I had gotten into this situation. It had something to do with the romance of interstellar travel. Or was it the quest for knowledge? In the afternoon we went to the house and rested. In the evening Yohai went out—back to the garden or maybe somewhere else. I stayed with Nahusai. She taught me more of the language. I began to understand complete sentences. I was never left alone, except when I was in the privy.

Then I started down the far side of the dune. At the bottom I found a trail. It wasn’t much to look at. Narrow and sandy, it wound away from the dunes toward a stand of trees. Had it been made by people? By some kind of intelligent life? We knew the planet was inhabited. Satellite pictures had shown villages and herds whose migrations—the zoologists had told us—were too orderly to be entirely natural. In any case, I was faced with a trail. I decided to follow it. It led me through the trees and into hills.

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