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To destroy someone by fire. ᮀ The house fire burned the victims up. 2. Fig. to make someone very angry; to make someone endure the “heat” of rage. ᮀ You really burn me up! I’m very angry at you! burn something down† [for a fire] to destroy a building completely. ᮀ The fire burned the barn down. burn something into something and burn something in† 1. Lit. to engrave, brand, or etch marks or letters into something by the use of great heat. ᮀ She burned her initials into the handle of the umbrella.

2. please oblige me. ᮀ Mother: Sorry. You can’t go! Bill: Come on, let me go to the picnic! 3. to hurry up; to follow someone. ᮀ If you don’t come on, we’ll miss the train. 4. [for electricity or some other device] to start operating. ᮀ After a while, the lights came on again. 5. to walk out and appear on stage. ᮀ You are to come on when you hear your cue. 6. Fig. [for a pain] to begin hurting; [for a disease] to attack someone. ᮀ The pain began to come on again, and Sally had to lie down. 7. [for a program] to be broadcast on radio or television.

Break something down† (for someone) Fig. to explain something to someone in simple terms or in an orderly fashion. (Alludes to breaking a complex problem into smaller segments which can be explained more easily. ᮀ She doesn’t understand. You will have to break it down for her. break something down† (into something) 1. to reduce a compound or its structure to its components. ᮀ Heat will break this down into sodium and a few gases. ᮀ Will heat break down this substance into anything useful? 2. to reduce a large numerical total to its subparts and explain each one.

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