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By Alton Meister

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ISBN-13: 9780471617709

Ribonuclease P: An Enzyme with a Catalytic RNA Subunit (S. Altman).

law of Escherichia coli Glutamine Synthetase (S. Rhee, et al.).

Glucose 6-Phosphatase: ideas of Membrane-Function dating (K. Sukalski & R. Nordlie).

Chiral Phosphorothioates: Stereochemical research of Enzymatic Substitution at Phosphorus (P. Frey).

Serotonin and Peptide Immunoneuromodulators: fresh Discoveries and New principles (D. Silverman & M. Karnovsky).

The Phosphyglycerate Mutases (L. Fothergill-Gilmore & H. Watson).

Mechanism and law of the Glutamine-Dependent Carbamyl Phosphate Synthetase of Escherichia coli (A. Meister).

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Deadenylylation reaction involves phosphorolysis of the AMP-Tyr bond to form ADP and the unadenylylated enzyme (44). Under physiological conditions in which the Mg(I1) concentration is high while the Mn(I1) is present in trace amounts, the adenylylated enzyme is inactive in catalyzing the biosynthesis of glutamine. The importance of the adenylylatioddeadenylylation reactions in modulating the activity of GS will be discussed later. Because of the number of subunits in each enzyme, up to 12 adenylyl groups can be attached to each molecule of GS.

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