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By J.R. Baker, R. Muller, D. Rollinson (Eds.)

ISBN-10: 0120317435

ISBN-13: 9780120317431

Advances in Parasitology is a chain of updated reports of all components of curiosity in modern parasitology. It contains scientific reviews on parasites of significant impression, similar to typanosomeiasis and scabies, and extra conventional parts, reminiscent of zoology, taxonomy, and existence historical past, which form present pondering and functions.

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All explore different aspects of the same variation: departures from panmixia or linkage disequilibrium (non-random association among loci, in which predictions of expected probabilities for multilocus genotypes are no longer satisfied). Of course, although such tests facilitate the demonstration of departures from panmixia, the statistics say nothing about the underlying cause. Obstacles to gene flow can be classified under two main headings: physical (genetic isolation in either space or time) and biological (physical linkage of different genes on the same chromosome, clonality, cryptic speciation, natural selection).

1990, 1991; Stevens and Welburn, 1993). Although such a result may be due to a genuine difference in reproductive strategy from that 22 W. GIBSON AND J. , 1993; Stevens and Tibayrenc, 1996). Non-significant variation from panmixia and the associated inability to reject Ho represent a specialized case and are discussed below. Finally, as Tibayrenc (1996) indicated, although all tests rely on the same basic principle (departures from panmixia), levels of resolution will differ between tests. These differences should be borne in mind when drawing conclusions based on the results of different tests.

W. (1983). Relaxed cellular controls and organelle heredity. Science 222, 468-475. , Bastien, P. and Pages, M. (1992). Multiple forms of chromosome-I, chromosome-I1 and chromosome-V in a restricted population of Leishmania infanturn contrasting with monomorphism in individual strains suggest haploidy or automixy. Molecular and Biochemical Parasitology 50, 197-204. , Lauria-Pires, L. C. (1996). Polymorphisms in Trypanosoma cruzi: evidence of genetic recombination. Acta Tropica 61, 31 -40. , McMahon-Pratt, D.

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