Alpha Teach Yourself Grammar and Style in 24 Hours by Pamela Rice Hahn PDF

By Pamela Rice Hahn

ISBN-10: 0028638999

ISBN-13: 9780028638997

ISBN-10: 0585427054

ISBN-13: 9780585427058

Offers easy principles of grammar and sentence development, indicates the correct use of punctuation, and discusses kind, study, and modifying.

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A. complex sentence b. complete sentence c. compound sentence d. simple sentence Mastering the Basic Parts of a Sentence 33 8. What kind of sentence makes a statement? a. compound sentence b. declarative sentence c. imperative sentence d. complex sentence 9. A compound-complex sentence contains what components? b. one main clause and one or more subordinate clauses c. two or more main clauses d. one main clause and one subordinate clause 10. What is it called when similar forms of words are linked together in a sentence?

Ellipses b. participle c. alliteration d. punctuation Understanding Grammar 3. What is it called when you refer to something indirectly, assuming that people will understand the actual meaning? a. allusion b. semantics c. nuance d. conjugation 4. What is it called when a word means the same as another word? a. metaphor b. morpheme c. idiom d. synonym 5. What is it called when you exaggerate for emphasis or effect? a. irony b. hyperbole c. jargon d. colloquialism 6. What is it called when a series of word endings repeat the same, or similar, sounds?

It stresses and clarifies the systematic nature of the sentence in the language it’s teaching. • Prescriptive grammar The rules for how people should speak a language; it contrasts with descriptive grammar because the latter describes the principles people actually follow when they talk. Understanding Grammar • Reference grammar Sets forth the rules of grammar in a dictionary format. • Theoretical grammar The analysis of the components necessary in any human language. • Traditional grammar The term used to sum up the unscientific approach to grammatical study used 2,000 years ago by the classical Greeks and Romans prior to the advent of linguistic science.

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