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By David Nirenberg

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A magisterial historical past, starting from antiquity to the current, that finds anti-Judaism to be a method of proposal deeply embedded within the Western tradition.

There is a frequent tendency to treat anti-Judaism - even if expressed in an off-the-cuff comment or carried out via pogrom or extermination crusade - as by some means unprecedented: an unlucky indicator of non-public prejudice or the stunning consequence of an extremist ideology married to power.

But, as David Nirenberg argues during this ground-breaking examine, to restrict anit-Judaism to the margins of our tradition is to be dangerously complacent. Anti-Judaism isn't really an irrational closet within the colossal edifice of Western suggestion, yet really one of many simple instruments with which that edifice used to be developed.

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27 1568 (Safed)–1639 (Istanbul). See Responsa MaHaRiT, 2, Yoreh De'ah 17. com/ water-wheel-and-aqueduct-hama-syria-1900–1920. And see: A. Y. Hassan and D. Y. Hill, Islamic Technology, an Illustrated History, Cambridge, 1986, pp. 38–40. 58 29 That is, a mikveh that was built in the town Rovigo in northern Italy. See EJ 14:354, where the controversy of the Rovigo mikveh is also mentioned. 30 1654 (Salonica)–1696 (Jerusalem). His responsum is cited in full in Ginat Veradim, Yoreh De'ah, 4, 4. 31 Zivhei Tzedeq ha-Hadashot, responsa 15, 20.

For an English version, see: SIFRA: An Analytical Translation I–III. Translated by Jacob Neusner. Atlanta: Scholars Press, 1988. 23 My translation [Z. ] follows the plain meaning of the Sifra. v. VeGam Lo Yihyu Sheuvim. 24 In rabbinic parlance, the word “Heaven” is frequently used as referent to God. Therefore, when the Sifra speaks of water that reaches its place “from heaven,” the same phrase might be rendered “from Heaven” and thus also provide a rationale for the waters’ purificatory effect.

From that day onward many new houses and apartments were added to Byculla until it became a bigger city than alQal'a. 44 Indeed it is surprising how much detailed information Rabbi Somekh, who never visited India, had about the urban development of Bombay. AlQal'a—Arabic for “fortress”—was named after the fortress built by the English in the seventeenth century to defend the city’s port. In the eighteenth century, British merchants and other wealthy merchants began to build houses inside the fort walls, and it became a residential area.

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