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Marie-Sofie [thelume THio proina Gabi Domenico kondinantal] [ke THfo omelates me zambon] [ana ghaliko kafa] [ana tsai] [ke THfo chimus portokali] [thelete to tsaij [me lemoni i ghala]? [tsai me lemoni] [efharisto] [ferte mas] [lfgho vUtiro ke marrnelaTHa] [epfsis] Marie-Sofie [ke frighanies] P psomij I&PPITopoC; [amesos - amasos] [uf]! the Are you ready (to order)? No, could you bring us the menu please? Yes, of course, right away. A little later ... Are you ready now? We'd like two continental breakfasts and two ham omelettes, a French coffee, a (cup of) tea and two glasses of orange juice.

It has pickles, onions, tomatoes, green salad and dressing. All right, a Greenburger menu for me with 7 up and a club sandwich for Tonia. [endaksi] lena grrnberger gevma ya mena] [me seven ap] [ki'ena klab sanduits] [ya tin tonia] [THen ehume seven ap] [mono sprait] [endaksi sprait tote] naTaT&<; XallnOUPYK&P Il& TUPl, KQl ilIa KOKa KOAa IlIKPO Il&Y&So<;. Eyw S&AW va pwTriaw KaT!. Tl &X&l TO Greenburger IlEaa; 'EX&1 ayyoupaKI nlKAa, KP&IlIlU~I, vTOllaTa, npaOlvll aaAaTa Kal dressing. EVTa~&I, Eva Greenburger Y&Ulla Yla IlEVa Il& 7 up Kal Eva club aaVTou"lT<; Yla TT]v TOvla.

To help you, there are five of each gender. AOSOC; npoypalllla ~evo60XelO vuX"ta llepa llouoeio TQ~{61 novo~ 1a~epva 1Uponl1a Masculine Feminine 0 11 • • • • • nOAl1 Kaq>e~ XU/J0C; 5 ATI:TPAAIA ATI:TPIA c BEAno d rAAAIA e rEPMANIA f nBPAATAP g dANIA h EABETIA i El:00NIA ? Ka'tuAoyol ? 1EPE~ ? 1t01K1AiE~ ? 16~ d 1;;0 m? n ? 78 • • • • • KQTOAoyoc; Ile~tc; Neuter 'to • • • • • Countries Opposite is a list of 26 countries, Can you make out the names for Great Britain, Ireland, Australia, France and Spain?

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