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By Walter Jon Williams

ISBN-10: 0812514092

ISBN-13: 9780812514094

"In this advanced and lucrative novel, Williams has created a destiny which positive aspects a few of the wonders sf has been promising us for years: digital truth, genetic engineering, faster-than-light commute, man made intelligence, nanotechnology, telepathic hyperlinks with pcs, and more".--Publishers Weekly.

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Ozzie looked back at the worldlet. They were definitely drifting away from it at a slow but steady rate. “There are other objects inside the gas halo. Remember what Bradley Johansson told me? He wound up on some sort of tree reef that lives in orbit here. And they categorically have paths away. ” Orion moaned. “I don’t know,” Ozzie said patiently. ” He held his hand out. “There’s a breeze here. ” He realized the raft had twisted so that the worldlet was slipping below the decking. “I really hate this,” Orion said.

They left the waterfall’s cloak of mist behind, emerging out into direct sunlight. Bright blue sky materialized around them, its warmth sinking into his skin. The noise of the waterfall had become a background growling. It didn’t threaten anymore. Tochee stopped flapping, and pulled its sinuous flesh back down into the usual ridges along its flanks. Ozzie felt a slow tremor run the length of his friend’s big body. When he looked down between his legs, he could see they were drifting in toward the raft.

It doesn’t look like it. I’m receiving the reports directly from navy intelligence as soon as they’re filed in their database. ” “It’s a remote possibility. Legally, they have to put everything on file, and therefore Senate Security has complete access as we are higher up the security service food chain. However, you and I both know that the navy is compromised. ” “Not really. The Guardians seem to be as thorough with their tradecraft in their own homes as they are everywhere else. The only report I really value is Kazimir’s financial record.

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