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Consequently, the photodamage caused by UV-B is not significantly correlated to the phaeoplast arrangement. However , UV-B affects the mechanism of phaeoplast movement and, hence, their arrangement. In some cortical cells the phaeoplasts do not return to the periclinal walls in LIA, but form clusters. In addition, a slight destruction of pigmentation was observed. Contrary to UV-B, the absorption of GG495 light depends considerably on the phaeoplast arrangement. The difference spectra, calculated from ten thalli, show striking differences in the absorbance decrease caused by irradiation of thalli with phaeoplasts being in LIA and HIA, respectively (Fig.

Bioch im Biophys Acta 1412:282-287 Millar AH, Wiskich JT, Whelan J, Day DA (1993) Organic acid activation of the alternative oxidase of plant mitochondria. FEBSLett 329:259-262 Millenaar FF, Benschop 11, Wagner AM, Lambers H (1998) The role of the alternative oxidase in stabilizing the in vivo reduction state of the ubiquinone pool and the activation state of the alternative oxidase. Plant Physiol 118:599-607 Minagawa N, Koga S, Nakano M, Sakajo S, Yoshimoto A (1992) Possible involvement of superoxide anion in the induction of cyanide-re sistant respiration in Hansenula anomala.

Moreover, an alignment of all available fungal alternative oxidase amino acid sequences revealed that the cysteine residue associated with pyruvate regulation and disulfide bond formation in plants is completely absent in fungal oxidases. Only the yeast Hansenula anomala has a cysteine residue close to Cys-78 in A. thaliana (JosephHorne and al. 2000). As a consequence, no influence of pyruvate on alternative oxidase activity could be observed in fungi. These results suggest that the role of the alternative oxidase in fungi might be different from that in plants.

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