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In essence, when we distinguish the category of boundedness/non-boundedness we have in mind a semantic abstraction from particular aspectual-lexical classes, but the latter do not always coincide in different languages, and they need to be described in detail. Therefore, in each language we may speak of "lower floors", "lower levels" of the category of boundedness/non-boundedness, of which it is formed, and at the same time of its hierarchic and specific structure. 2. The hierarchy of the lexical-semantic category of aspectuality For the description of the hierarchic levels of the category of boundedness/ non-boundedness we suggest the following concepts: aspectual classes, character of action and type of action.

V. 1983 'Kategorial'nye situacii. )' Voprosy jazykoznanija 2, 20-32. V. 1982 'K postroeniju tipologii predikatov ν russkom jazyke . N. ) Semantiteskie tipy predikatov, Moskva, Akademija nauk SSSR, Institut jazykoznanija/'Nauka', 7-85. CARLSON, Lauri 1981 'Aspect and quantification'. J. Tedeschi & A. ) 1981, 31-64. : Cambridge University Press. D0STÄL, Antonin 1954 Studie o vidovém systému ν staro-slovènStinè. gogické nakladatelstvi. Praha: Státní peda- DOWTY, David R. 1972 'Studies in the Logic of Verb Aspect and Time Reference in English'.

For example the permanent-present function of the imperfective aspect of non-bounded verbs like vesit' 'weigh 1 , stoic' 'cost', imet' 'have' etc). In other words, the category of boundedness/non-boundedness serves as a "switch", which connects the grammatical characteristics of aspectuality with the characteristics of verbal lexemes. ). All of these indirect criteria only provide an operational definition of the given category, but do not reveal its essence or its verbal structure. Besides, in both its spheres 42 SELJAKIN it is lexically heterogeneous, which can be seen in the different results of its effect on the grammatical level of aspectuality (cf.

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