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By Michael Erard

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In Babel No More, Michael Erard, “a monolingual with benefits,” units out on a quest to fulfill language superlearners and make experience in their psychological powers. at the means he uncovers the secrets and techniques of ancient figures just like the nineteenth-century Italian cardinal Joseph Mezzofanti, who used to be stated to talk seventy-two languages, in addition to these of residing language-superlearners similar to Alexander Arguelles, a modern day polyglot who understands dozens of languages and indicates Erard the tips of the alternate to provide him a dismal glimpse into the lifetime of obsessive language acquisition.

With his formidable exam of what language is, the place it lives within the mind, and the cultural implications of polyglots’ goals, Erard explores the higher limits of our skill to profit and use languages and illuminates the highbrow capability in every person. How perform a little humans break out the curse of Babel—and what may the gods have demanded of them in go back?

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