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By Faith Hickman Brynie

ISBN-10: 0814413242

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Have you questioned why you take into accout colour photos and scenes lots larger than these in black and white? the answer's within the approach our brains interpret and strategy the attractions, smells, tastes, and touches that make up our lives. "Brainsense" explores mind functionality and the senses, and provides new perception approximately what makes us tick. in accordance with new learn and interviews with well known scientists, readers will detect how the mind relatively works. Divided into chapters, one for every feel, "Brainsense" deals a brand new standpoint into how we procedure the realm round us. either enlightening and interesting, this ebook can help us comprehend the elusive mysteries of the mind.

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O this: Go to the kitchen and take out the bread and butter. Now butter a slice of bread, but, for the first time in your life, don’t do it automatically. Think about what you are doing. Since nerves from the left and ride sides of the body cross when they enter your brain, your left brain controls your right hand and vice versa. If you are like most people, you’ll find yourself using your preferred or dominant hand (probably the one you write with) to butter the bread, while your other hand holds the slice.

For those experiments, Goble blindfolded his subjects and placed their arms on supports, elbows out and hands on levers. One arm then moved to a certain spot and back again. Sometimes Goble moved his subjects’ arms for them. Sometimes the volunteers initiated their own movements. In either case, the task was simple: match the movement, either with the same arm or the opposite arm, hitting the same spot as closely as possible using not vision, but the proprioceptive sense—the sense of where the body is in space.

It lies in the parietal lobe (the top of the head). Proprioceptive information also travels to the cerebellum, where automatic and habitual motions are controlled. oddities of matching thumbs and arms, even beyond the daily rigors of buttering bread. Could it be, they wondered, that the two arms differ in their preferred sensory inputs, with the dominant hand attuned to vision and the nondominant acting as the primary source of proprioceptive information? The researchers began testing their “sensory modality hypothesis of handedness” with experiments that allowed proprioceptive information only.

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