Brilliant NLP : what the most successful people know, do and by David Molden; Pat Hutchinson PDF

By David Molden; Pat Hutchinson

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Notice what they do and listen to the language they use. This will save you from having to work it all out for yourself. QXP:M00_MOLD2556_02_SE_C00 11/1/10 13:39 Page 27 CHAPTER 2 Don’t believe everything you hear! QXP:M00_MOLD2556_02_SE_C00 11/1/10 13:39 Page 29 Y our beliefs are connected to your values and are very personal. They form a significant part of the pattern in your personal kaleidoscope. If you value trust, you are likely to hold beliefs such as: ● people can be trusted ● there is no need for rules ● people can manage their own schedules and productivity ● my children will come home when they say they will.

Even though you don’t enjoy feeling bad, it may be something over which you have had no control in the past. When you are feeling this way, you have entered the realm of ‘self-preservation’. As a result, your ability to think rationally and make sound decisions is impaired. The goal then becomes one of survival, saving face, winning or seeking recognition. You only have to feel that way once or twice before a habit, or programme, is formed and then you have set a pattern for thinking yourself into bad feelings.

What evidence do I have to support the belief? ● Who do I know who holds an opposite belief? ● What evidence suggests that the belief is untrue? ● In what way is the belief absurd or ridiculous? QXP:M00_MOLD2556_02_SE_C00 11/1/10 13:39 Page 35 Don’t believe everything you hear! Step 2 Find an alternative, more empowering belief – brainstorm for beliefs that open up more possibilities. This is a matter of ‘trying on’ a variety of beliefs until you find one that fits. ’ Step 3 Integrate the alternative belief.

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