Corneliu Constantinescu's C*-algebras Volume 2: Banach Algebras and Compact Operators PDF

By Corneliu Constantinescu

ISBN-10: 0444507507

ISBN-13: 9780444507501


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The intersection of all regular maximal proper left ideals of E is called the radical of E (the intersection is defined to be E if there are no regular maximal proper left ideals). E Is said to be semi-simple if its radical is {0}. 14 c), there are maximal proper left ideals of E , hence the radical of E is different from E . 19 ( 4 ) Let E bean algebra, E the unital algebra associated to E and R (resp. R) be the radical of E (of E ). Then R=EDR. We may assume E is not unital. Let F be a regular maximal proper left ideal of E .

B) Take a , ~ , 7 , 6 e r with al + ftI+TJ+ 5K = 0. Then a + Bi 7 -7 + 6i a- + 6i] #i =0. Hence a=Z=7=~=o. c) is a simple calculation. ) d) By a), E is a real unital subalgebra of the real unital algebra s By b) and c) it is a division algebra. 17 I ( 0 ) (Hamilton, 1843) Let 1, i , j , k be the u m t vectors of IR 4 . There is a umque multiplication on the vector space ]R 4 such that 1 is a unit and i2 = 32 = k 2 = - 1 ij = - j i = k , jk = -kj = ~, kz = - i k = j . Then tl~il~ = II~li~ll~ll~ for every x, y E IR 4 .

5, c ~ l - u is invertible iff ( a l - u)' is invertible. Hence c~ E a(u) iff a E a ( u ' ) . e. the determinant of the matrix [rJ(s, t) - k(s, t)]o,t~T . a) a E a(u) sff P ( o ) = 0 for every a E IK. b) Carda(u) < CardT. e) If n is odd or if ~ = C , then a(u) ~ {0}. e. iff there is an z E ]KT\{0} with The assertion now follows. b) and c) follow from a). ,e~2 a family of linear maps E --+ E such that UsjUkl -~- ~jkUd for every i, j, k, l E IN2. Then the vector spaces Im ull and Im uz2 are isomorphic.

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