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By Eric S. Lander, Michael S. Waterman

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During this first-ever survey of the partnership among arithmetic and biology, best specialists examine how mathematical learn and strategies have made attainable very important discoveries in biology. Explores how differential geometry, topology, and differential mechanics have allowed researchers to "wind" and "unwind" DNA's double helix to appreciate the phenomenon of supercoiling. Explains how mathematical instruments are revealing the workings of enzymes and proteins. Describes how mathematicians are detecting echoes from the starting place of existence via utilizing the stochastic and statictical thought to the research of DNA sequences.

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In these zones the plasma membrane of the oocyte is extended into a few projections or microvilli which may indent the cytoplasm of follicle cells. The microvilli are generally most prominent between adjacent follicle cells in the follicle oocyte junction. The membranes of follicle cells and oocyte may also be locally joined by desmosomes characterized by increased thickness and electron opacity of the plasma membranes and convergence of cytoplasmic filaments onto the attachment areas or they may be separated by irregular lacunae; in this case, the plasma membrane of either cell forms short interdigitating microvilli and the surface of the follicular cells.

They show great diversity in form and structure. Actually in the oocytes of primates, complex mitochondria are relatively common (Guraya, 1974). The physiological significance of these variations in the internal structure of mitochondria in the differentiating oocyte is still not known (Guraya, 1974, 2000a). But it will be rewarding to study if there occur any differences in the internal structure of mitochondria in the growing oocytes of young and aged women. In several places the mitochondria are closely associated with electron-dense material in the rhesus monkey oocyte, which resembles the mitochondrial rosettes or intermitochondrial substance described in the oocytes of other mammals (Guraya, 1970c, 1974, 1985, 1997a,b, 2000a).

1993). Since aging of primordial oocytes must be a very complex physiological process, various factors could be involved for the mechanism of their aging. The analysis of those factors will also be rewarding to resolve the clinical problems not only of menopause but also of developmental disorders of infants in aged women (Chapter 7). , 2001). In other words, the oocyte growth is the result of interactions between the somatic cells and germ cells at the cellular and molecular level. , 1999). , 1999).

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