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By Pliny Earle Goddard

In contrast to another reproductions of vintage texts (1) we've not used OCR(Optical personality Recognition), as this ends up in undesirable caliber books with brought typos. (2) In books the place there are photographs comparable to photos, maps, sketches and so on we've endeavoured to maintain the standard of those pictures, so that they symbolize properly the unique artefact. even though sometimes there's definite imperfections with those previous texts, we suppose they need to be made to be had for destiny generations to get pleasure from.

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The Classic sign stands for the number twenty and can be combined with bars and dots to produce larger numbers that usually refer to the age of the current moon or the length of the current synodic month. The crescent shape of the sign alerts the reader to the lunar nature of the number. In Classic inscriptions, lunar information is preceded by dates from the 260-day and 365-day calendars. If the present inscription was organized in a similar way, the missing upper portion may have included such dates.

5. Inscription carved on Stela 10 at Kaminaljuyu, Guatemala. been read as the word for Late Preclassic. “jaguar” (and for the day of that name) in any of the Mesoamerican languages whose speakers were familiar with the divinatory calendar. The same is not true of later Mayan renditions of this day name, in which the head faces forward and three jaguar spots do double duty as facial features, as in the example below. The trefoil device beneath both versions of the name is a specifically Mayan way of marking a day name.

Another, labeled in exactly the same way, sits on the baseline of the painting, in front of the earth monster’s snout. The third bundle is partially hidden behind the cigar-smoking merchant god, resting on his throne. Here are the bundles of Jaguar Night and the god on the throne, with transcriptions of the signs written on them. The label on the bundle at left is prefixed with the bar-anddot sign for the number 9, b’olon, which (as we already know) can also be read as b’o’lay, “spotted” (like a jaguar).

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