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9 But Burke’s interpretation of the revolution in France did not come to Scott directly. During the post-war crises of – Burke’s ideas received powerful restatement and significant modification by Coleridge in The Statesman’s Manual, A Lay Sermon, Biographia Literaria, and his “rifacciamento” of The Friend. ” And by them Coleridge attempts to become a second Burke, to interpret the post-war unrest with the same prescience and prophetic power with which Burke surveyed the revolutionary moment of the early s.

The London Magazine was begun in January , as a conscious rival to Blackwood’s. The similarity between the two magazines is striking. Each number contains  pages of double columns, an economical but certainly not an elegant or easy-to-read format. The typeface is identical in each. While the general line of each magazine differs sharply – the London was consciously urban, smart, and politically sophisticated; Blackwood’s reveled in a proud provinciality and reactionary politics – many of the articles from one could easily have emerged in the other.

The negotiations, taken up by Christie on Lockhart’s behalf, present a confusion of punctilio, as each side maneuvered for the maximum advantage without fighting. Scott insisted as a precondition for the duel that Lockhart identify himself as editor of Blackwood’s (or, later in the negotiations, that he clarify his relation to the magazine), and he stood his ground on this reasonable point. Lockhart refused to provide this information, preferring to “post” Scott – that is, to send him a letter directly accusing him of cowardice.

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