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Rewrite the second formula. c. Can the formula for girls be described as 2 less than the mean of father’s and mother’s height? Explain why or why not. The higher you stand, the farther you can look! Here is a rule to estimate the relationship between the height (h) in meters and the distance to the horizon (d) in kilometers. The rule holds only for a clear day. 13ළළළළළළ ؋h d ‫͙ ؍‬ළළළ 3. a. Write this formula as an arrow string. Use the ͙ළළ sign. b. 80 m tall. How many kilometers away can he still see a ship?

Suppose you could choose a cone that is twice as wide as the cone from 3a. Does this new cone have twice the amount of yogurt? Why or why not? Section E Problem Solving How tall will you be as a grown-up? Here are some estimation rules, expressed as a formula. There are about 3 feet (ft) in 1 meter (m). 5 2 ( ) 1. a. Why are there different rules for boys and girls? b. Use one of the formulas to find out approximately what height you will be as a grown-up. Use estimations if you do not know the height of your parents.

These insects often form a chorus at night, singing a high-pitched, two-note song. The approximate temperature in Fahrenheit can be estimated by counting the number of cricket chirps made in one minute, dividing this number by 4, and adding 40. You can use the following formula to find the approximate temperature (F) if you know the number of chirps (N) made in one minute: N — 4 ؉ 40 ‫ ؍‬F 6. A cricket chirps 100 times per minute. Estimate the air temperature. 7. a. About how cold is it when you hear no cricket chirps?

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