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Calabresi, G. 1970. The Cllst ofAccidents: A Legal and Econtlm;c Analysis. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press. Calabresi, G. 1991. The pointlessness of Pareto: carrying Coase further. Yale Law Journal 100: 1211-37. H. 1960. The problem of social cost. Jllurnal (if Law and Economics 3: 1-44. H. 1988. The Firm, the Mark~t, and the Law. Chicago,IL: University of Chicago Press. Cooter, R. 1985. Unity in tort, contract, and property: the model of precaution. Calijilrnia Law R~view 73: 1-51. Debreu, G.

The reason is that transaction costs ought to count in the calculation of what is and is not Pareto optimal, just as, for instance, costs of labour and capital go directly into the calculation of what is profit maximizing, and therefore indirectly into the calculation of what is Pareto optimal. Pareto optimality Once one accepts that costs of bargaining and contracting are just like costs of building a car, then every equilibrium state must be Pareto optimal, because if it weren't, people would already have discovered the Pareto better alternatives and moved there.

Patent policies seems primitive' (Kaplow 1984: 1889). Although understanding of the effects of a patent system may be primitive, the issue is important. Many observers believe that technological innovation is the most important source of the increases in economic productivity that have been observed over time. Understanding those conditions that do and do not promote innovation is important for understanding the long-term effects of economic policies. The patent system has been the one key, pervasive institution in capitalist economies addressed to the problem of creating incentives for innovation.

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