Load jb into WordPress

IV.      Load jb into WordPress

OK, we created the demo stylishIndex in jb and populated it with content. Next, we want to import this page into WordPress. To do this we have to:


  1. Open in REAL the Tab Synchronization and click on Image Synchronization followed by Fonts Synchronization. In doing so, we load the latest images which we used in jb when we created content, in addition to 600 Fonts which we can use for our website.


  1. Next, create a new Page in WordPress.

  2. Having created a new page, find on the right side the button Import from jb.


2. Add New Post or Page 

3. import content from jb-webs.com




  1. Click on it and select stylishIndex from the list.

  2. Save the page and that’s it. Opening the WordPress frontend now, we will find the page we created beforehand using the drag and drop in jb-websiteBuilder.


4. Select  stylishIndex  Save the Page

5. publish the page



And that’s it, with just a few clicks we published a complex webpage, which we created with jb’s sophisticated Drag & Drop technology. Next, we would like to show you what you can really do with jb.