Local Header

This is actually a highlight of jb’s template engine because it is as cool and easy as it is efficient.  So what is it? Here 2 demos:
  • Look at this page: it comes with a huge header to attract attention - demo-header-2.
  • In the same page we later use another header which is more discrete because the former header would be too intrusive if we used it on every page - demo-header-2.
A. Create a Local Header
  • In p-win click on Local Header.
  • In the box shown above you are able to:

    • Select an existing Header from the dropdown list and click Edit.
    • Set a name using Local Header. In doing so, you create a new local header. After that click Edit.
    • That’s it, because now you can use drag and drop, set backgrounds and so on in the same way you did before. That is because there is nothing new, things just repeat themselves here.

B. Load a Local Header in your WordPress Page
  • Open REAL à Template.
  • Click on the button Load Local Header.
  • Select Header from the List and click on the Load button.
  • In the WordPress Backend click on Post à Add New to create a new page.
  • Open drop down Global on the right side and click load in jb-settings.
  • Save page, check result in frontend.

Load Local Header to WordPress
Add New
(Page / Post)
Connect Header
with Page