Making tweening work more smoothly

Allow us to show you now some tricks to make our puzzle movie complete and awesome - Video.
  • Create a new tween-object and label it puzzle_2 by repeating the previously illustrated steps.
  • Next follow these steps:
    • In the timeline move the tween-manager forpuzzle_2to the right side.
    • In timeline click on the green plus-sign icon on the right side. Doing so added a second tween-manager object in the timeline - label it tween-manager_2.
    • In the Properties menu set the ScaleX and ScaleY values for tween-manager_2 to 0 for tween-manager-start and tween-manager-end. Doing so will result in this tween-object being invisible on the stage for the duration of tween-manager_2.

Click on green plus sign ➙ create new tween manager And set ScaleX / Y = 0

Essentially, from the point of view of a director we determine how long tween-manager_2 will beinvisible, from the perspective of the audience we define at what moment tween-manager_2 willappear on the stage. Later on repeat this and create a tween-object for puzzle_3 and puzzle_4. After that, create a connection between tween-object and tween-target. Here is the result.